Unblock Your Potential Through Crypto

Buy, sell, send, receive, remit, pay and cash-out intuitively and securely.

Your Crypto Wallet. With no wall.

Binary Swap is now UNBLOCK: the first platform where you can enter and thrive in the crypto world without barriers. We are committed to closing the financial and technological gaps that keep people in developing countries from growing their finances and smashing their goals. We want to unlock your potential through crypto.

And we know how to do it: we hold crypto operating licences in Switzerland, the US and Latin America and are backed by over 20 years of experience in fintech and building innovative payment networks.


The country where you live should not define what you can achieve in life. We believe disparity starts and grows with the lack of access to knowledge and tools. We are here to provide you with those tools. We want to unblock the advantage of buying and selling, sending and receiving, remitting, cashing out, and paying through cryptocurrency in an intuitive and secure platform. Let’s go!

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Crypto Exchange

Our API integration with major crypto exchanges and our partnerships with multiple FI’s allow us to provide real time fiat- crypto-fiat exchanges for individuals and businesses.

Global and Efficient Digital Wallet

Safe and Reliable

Fast and Redundant

Total Availability

P2P Payments

Unblock enables remittance through Crypto Currency. Making it faster, more cost efficient and easier to use than today’s current remittance options.

Merchant Payments

We enable the acceptance of Crypto Payments and allow the merchant to choose whether to settle in crypto or fiat.

Rigorous merchant onboarding process and verification of UBOs with more than 10% of shares.

API Integration into merchant’s website taking all the security measures established by the PCI Standard.

Merchants will receive settlement in crypto into their Unblock wallet and cash out funds via bank transfer, if required.

Industry Leading Strategic Partners

Clear regulatory approval

North America

Atomo Technologies, LLC. USA. Approved by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) as Money Service Business.

Europe, Asia & Africa

Approved as members of the VQF SRO – License #100977 – Money Business. Officially recognized entity in charge of combating money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism.

Latin America

Atomo Technologies Corporation El Salvador, S.A. de C.V. El Salvador. Approved be the “Superintendencia de Servicios Financieros” and “ Banco Central de El Salvador” as crypto payment processors.